Meditech 2018 consolidates itself as one of the most important fairs in Latin America

July 6, 2018

The sixth edition of Meditech, the International Health Fair, held from July 3rd to 6th, received 140 exhibitors-exporters plus a participation of 15 international buyers, 176 appointments made and there was a business expectation of more than USD 2'825,000.

More than 10,000 professional visitors had the opportunity to learn about innovations in technologies that were presented by 300 exhibitors from Colombia, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Republic of Korea, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey and Uruguay.

Juan Carlos Giraldo, director of the Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics, ACHC, said that the first version of the event was developed in 2008 and now the sixth edition finishes, being a success. "This edition of the fair is not like the one years ago. On this occasion we had more experiences and side events, new international exhibitors, we celebrated the return of great companies and of others that stayed and maintained their loyalty and confidence".

During the International Health Fair, it was held the XIII International Congress of Hospitals and Clinics, the First Symposium of Successful Solutions, the V International Dental Congress, the Health Forum and a complementary agenda with national and foreign experts. "The heart of this fair is in knowledge. Therefore, we brought international key speakers together with the Colombian Odontological Federation and the ACHC", added Giraldo.

Maria Fernanda Atuesta, president of the Colombian Odontological Federation, said that Odontotech-Meditech is an event that transcends in the oral health sector because of the number of companies that are added edition after edition for the positioning of the platform in Colombia and Latin America.

"We doubled our presence in Odontotech with 42 companies and gave continuity to our social work called ‘Live for your smile’ (Vive por tu sonrisa) where we approached children at the fair with the support of the private sector to encourage daily brushing their teeth", said Atuesta.

For the first time, Meditech organized a special pavilion which gathered about 10 of the most recognized hospitals in the city, such as the Santa Fe Foundation, the Shaio Clinic Foundation, the San Ignacio University Hospital, the Partenón Clinic, the Los Ángeles Children's Hospital in Pasto, the National Institute of Cancer and the IPS Digital Radiology.

Experience Center

Meditech 2018 had for the first time the Specialized Center in High Hospital Technology, CEATH, which brought together diagnostic, surgery and recovery rooms where high-quality technological equipment was made available to improve patient care in the country.

Hector Mario Mejia, doctor and manager of HDQ - Hospital Design Quality, responsible for the invention and construction of this space, said: "Participating in Meditech was a wonderful experience because we were able to see and share with visitors the technologies available in the market and that are about to arrive to provide a futuristic vision of hospitals".

Juan Carlos Giraldo, director of the ACHC assured that the sixth version had "a new anatomy" to facilitate its journey. In addition, there were new areas and topics such as the Hospital Technology Center of Expertise, CEATH, an "old dream" that became a reality by making Meditech's hospital of the future a reality.

Exhibitors opinion

José Mauricio Sarmiento, manager of the Robotic Surgery Unit of the Amarey Nova Medica Group, said: "The experience at Meditech 2018 was positive because the managers of the clinics and hospitals in the country attended with whom we managed to establish business contacts. This event is very important because health has been innovating in technology and Colombia cannot be left behind in these advances that reach different parts of the world. "

Carmen Martinez, Striker's sales representative, said: "It's the first year at Meditech and the experience has been incredible. In Colombia we work directly with the manufacturer and this is an attraction for the consumer. Of course we hope to participate again in Meditech with new products and technology".

Naomi Mejia, commercial representative of Dental House Gabriel Velasquez, said that the "participation in Odontotech was well received considering that it is the first time we are in the event, where we highlight the participation of all dentists. It is also a potential commercial showcase to open the market and generate sales".

Ingrid Oliva, dental visit supervisor for Bogota at Colgate Palmolive, said: "For Colgate it is very important to support the profession of the dentist in which we permanently support the Colombian Odontological Federation and we are excited to be present in Odontotech, a highly organized event with excellent speakers".

Vanessa Klein, spokesperson of the German pavilion and Senior project manager Health and Medical Technologies - Messe Dusseldorf, said: "We are very pleased with the participation of the German delegation in Meditech in which a good number of visitors were received and businesses were made. A good thing about a fair like this is one is that it brings together speakers and partners, so now we know more about the Colombian market and how to enter in it. We will definitely be present in the next version".

Alliance at Meditech

During the fair, the Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics, ACHC, and the International Business and Exhibition Center of Bogota, Corferias, organizers of Meditech, signed a strategic alliance with Messe Dusseldorf to hold the trade fair together, which will expand the opening of the international market and will increase the participation of international companies in the health sector, the presence of more innovations and technologies of the medical industry.

Tom Mitchell, president of Messe Düsseldorf North America, said: "We are very happy to be part of this alliance. Messe Düsseldorf is one of the largest organizers of trade fairs in the world and we have achieved this because we are interested in partners. In this case we have found an excellent partner in Corferias”.

Mitchell added that Colombia is a very important partner for their clients and it was necessary to reach this part of the world. South America is a place where "we have to focus actively, so this alliance really helps us and the cooperation has been excellent. We are waiting for the next edition of Meditech in 2020, where we will have a greater presence”.

Roberto Vergara, Director of International Business of Corferias, said: "the alliance that was signed with Messe Düsseldorf, the participation of 300 exhibitors from different parts of the world, the academic meetings and the visit of more than 10,000 visitors confirm that Meditech has become one of the most important fairs of health in Latin America, which will be further consolidated in 2020".

Marcela Sánchez, project manager of Meditech in Corferias, highlighted that the fair was held in more than 6,000 square meters of exhibition space between pavilions 11 to 23 of the Great Hall and pavilion 4 that brought together Odontotech. "The sixth version gave very positive results that show the credibility that the companies have for professional visitors to work for the growth and strengthening of the industry and the health sector".

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